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About Us

About Us

Padyab Tadjhiz Co. founded in 1997 with the goal of transferring, developing, as well as knowledge and advanced technology in the field of oil and gas exploration and production, Geophysics and Mining, Water and Environmental studies. Currently, using the latest scientific and technical achievements in addition to the internal potentials of Iran in the oil and gas industry, mining and geophysics, water and environment are engaging in manufacturing and supplying equipment and tools as well as special services in related areas.


Oil and Gas Department

Using Artificial Lift methods to maintain and increase oil production has been started in the past years in the Iranian Oil Industry. A significant part of oil production in Iran is produced utilizing artificial lift methods, especially electrical submersible pump (ESP). Today, due to pressure drop of many oil reservoirs which are in the second half of their production time zone as well as reducing pressure of some other new oil fields, using artificial lift methods for improving oil production especially ESP method in the upstream oil industry seems to be vital.

Padyab Tadjhiz Co. has started its activity from 2005 in the field of artificial lift technology especially in ESP and currently is known as the biggest contractor in the field of manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of ESP for the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Thanks to 15+ years notable experience in ESP installation in both offshore and onshore oilfields in cooperation with Oil Dynamics GmbH, introduced special services in the field of artificial lift in the Iran oil and gas industry.
Currently, having the best teams in engineering, installation, and commissioning of the ESP pump in the region with capability of performing several projects at the same time is ready to do all services regarding the ESP system including engineering, design, equipment selection, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repairing.
Considering importance of ESP localization for Iranian oil industry, Padyab Tadjhiz Co. started construction of a workshop for test, repair, as well as ESP & HPS manufacturing from 1395 in Ahwaz. This workshop is commissioned in all sections and currently is the most equipped and advanced ESP workshop in Iran. Repair, test, and part manufacturing of both ESP and HPS are being done in this factory. Padyab Tadjhiz Co. is proud to announce that the first ESP is locally manufactured in its workshop. Additionally, this company is registered into the Internal manufacturers of the NIOC as ESP manufacturer.
With more than 20+ years’ experience in oil and gas industry and utilizing support of internal and external partners, as well as specialized and trained personnel, Padyab Tadjhiz Co. is introduced as a pioneer company not only in ESP, ESPCP, and HPS, but also in other artificial lift and improvement oil recovery methods such as Twin-Screw Pump and PCP. Regarding brilliant experiences, this company is ready to offer new and specialized services in this industry.
Worth noting that Padyab Tadjhiz Co. is registered as a knowledge-based company by Vice President of Science and Technology in the field of design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and repair of ESP.

Water and Environment Department

This section, in order to prepare and transfer knowledge, technology and equipment for water and wastewater industry has been established and has worked on major projects in the country. This unit’s Policy is integration of engineering consulting and software services with the newest practical measurement systems and equipment in accordance with the needs and conditions and proper installation systems. The unit’s activities will mainly be in the online monitoring of qualitative and quantitative parameters, control and elimination of algae, smart automatic sampling systems, ground water monitoring, surface water quality control, telemetry and Crisis management and civil defense and Technical Support Services.

Geophysics and Mining Department

واحد معدن و ژئوفیزیک این شرکت با همکاری از بزرگترین کمپانی‌های تولیدکننده تجهیزات ژئوفیزیکی و مهندسین مشاور در بخش فروش تجهیزات گرانی سنجی، مگنتومتری، الکترومغناطیس، مگنتوتلوریک (MT)، پلاریزاسیون القایی (IP)، مقاومت سنجی، شتابنگاری، لرزه‌نگاری و نرم‌افزارهای تفسیر داده‌های ژئوفیزیک لرزه‌ای و غیر لرزه‌ای، جمع‌آوری، پردازش و تفسیر داده‌های ژئوفیزیک هوایی و زمینی و همچنین عرضه انواع پیشرفته فناوری‌های فعال می‌باشد. این واحد همچنین در ارائه خدمات و تجهیزات مورد نیاز مطالعات و فعالیت‌های مهندسی زلزله، لرزه‌نگاری، شتابنگاری و ژئوتکنیک فعالیت دارد.

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