Maxx Meß- und Probenahmetechnik GmbH was founded by Eduard Seifer and Karl-Heinz Walz on 1st April 1997 as production company for automatic samplers and measuring instruments. The business was created by the former management team of Bühler-Montec (before Edmund Bühler GmbH), the market leader in sampling technique at that time. Most of the former staff members are on the staff of Maxx today.

Competence and innovation

Difficult applications are our daily challenge. Solutions are elaborated according to the principle: the simpler, the better. We think about sampling systems for the future. Our technical concepts are trend-setting. The ingenuity of MAXX is documented by numerous patents and registered utility models.


Our production is perfectly organized. We work according to one of the best production systems of the world. This system assures high flexibility, fast processing times and best quality. Our working time model is also very flexible – adapted to our production system. Our delivery time for standard devices is only a few days.

Quality and performance

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Quality is our leading principle as only satisfied customers will recommend us. A big part of our success is based on the reliability of our devices. Only with an excellent teamwe can achieve our ambitious aims. All the important things are done by ourselves – design and development, production, sale and technical service – on our own premises with our own personnel. Decisions are quickly made and realized.


Should one of our units nevertheless require some service – no problem. MAXX is fast, competent and unbureaucratic.


After only a few years we are one of the world´s leading manufacturers of samplers. We offer the widestrange of products – from the smallest portable device up to a complete container station. And we are profitable – which is absolutely necessary for further growth and consolidation of the company. We are independent, we make our own decisions and undertake all risks and obligations. We are entrepreneurs with heart and soul.

Portable samplers

    • P6L_offenProgrammable and intelligent
    • Easy to control
    • Programmed according to time intervals, flow intervals, event base sampling
    • Lightest composite sampler offered by MAXX
    • Vacuum technology benefits over peristaltic pump samplers:
    • Accurate sample volumes
    • Rapid transport velocities mean more-representative samples
    • Less disturbance of sample
    • Minimal wear on the tubing, resulting in less-frequent maintenance
    • Reduced cross-sample contamination
    • Side handles for easy lifting (increases diameter)
    • Handcart available for easy transport
    • Stainless-steel suspension harness offered for sampling in sewer systems
    • Interfaces with data loggers for more measurement and control capabilities

Stationary water samplers

  • 00004Programmable and intelligent
  • Easy to control
  • Programmed according to time intervals, flow intervals, event base sampling
  • Sampling from up to 5 sources
  • Perfectly safe samples thanks to insulated sample compartment with forced-air cooling
  • Four different enclosure materials and two-door housing for flexible installation in all environments
  • Three sampling methods for all kinds of applications: Vacuum or peristaltic pump and sampling assembly
  • Versatile sampling programming from simple routine to event-controlled programs
  • Fast cleaning and maintenance due to easy removal of medium-transporting parts
  • Field bus communication and web server for seamless system integration and remote access