LacroixLACROIX SOFREL are specialists in the design and construction of telemetry and SCADA products for technical installations and of communicating data loggers for district metering leak detection on water networks.


Partnering the biggest contract operators of water and heating networks and of local and regional authorities since its creation in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel is now hailed as the French market leader in telemetry and SCADA. A subsidiary of the LACROIX industrial group (2800 staff, turnover €330m) and having extensive research and development resources, LACROIX Sofrel offers the guarantee of a sustainable company. Many installations all over the world testify to its experience in numerous fields of application: water distribution, waste water treatment, irrigation, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas, electricity, street lighting, industry, etc.

Modular Telemetry and SCADA remote terminal units for remote control and management


The product of more than 35 years’ experience in telemetry and SCADA and benefiting from a modular technical base, the Remote Terminal Units of the S500 range offer an industrial solution combining performance,ease of implementation and usability for all monitoring, process control and remote management applications used on technical installations of water and waste water treatment networks, boiler rooms and air-conditioning installations, industrial and commercial refrigeration units, street lighting networks, utilities in industry, and more.

image004The S500 telemetry and SCADA Remote Terminal Units:

  • optimize the management of technical sites spread over a number of locations through permanent monitoring of the operation of installations,
  • alert you if problems arise on remote or isolated sites,
  • enable you to automate processes and control devices remotely.

A complete range

The S500 Remote Terminal Unit range includes 3 products offering solutions for installations of any size and any functional requirements.

  • SOFREL S510: simplified Remote Terminal Unit
  • SOFREL S530: compact Remote Terminal Unit
  • SOFREL S550: upgradeable Remote Terminal Unit with its extension modules


The various telemetry and SCADA functions

Designed to meet the supervisory remote management needs of technical installations, the SOFREL S500 Remote Terminal Unit telemetry and SCADA range offers numerous functions: remote alarming, telemetry, remote counting, telecontrol, archives, reports, process control, network communication, etc.

The S500 Remote Terminal Units federate, safeguard and automateisolated or dispersed technical sites, and offer users shorter response times while cutting operating and running costs.

Operation and communication

image006For easy and user-friendly operation, the Remote Terminal Units of the S500 range rely on the use of standard tools like a web browser and can communicate via numerous transmission media: PSTN, GSM/GPRS, DL/PL, radio, Ethernet etc.

The graphics display built into the S530 and S550 enable you to view the entire installation without any special device.

Alarm reporting and stand-by duty management

The alarm reporting function , designed to alert the right person at any time and place, sends voice or SMS messages. With just a telephone or PC, the duty officer is informed of the fault, can remotely carry out initial diagnostics and, if necessary, take action on the installation (telecontrol, modify setpoints, etc.).

 Process control and calculation

image008Fully Modular in terms of inputs/outputs and communications, the SOFREL S500 range issuitable for all types of application. It has a process control module enabling the contract operator to find a solution to run all its installations.

GSM/GPRS data loggers designed to be installed in buried manholes

image010Our LS/LT data loggers are specially designed to be installed in manholes liable to flooding.

Their sturdy design and military-strength connections guaranteetotal watertightness (IP68). Their clamping ring enables the user to access the SIM card and the battery on site.

They are powered by a lithium battery with a battery life of up to 10 years.

Their GSM communication modes (SMS or GPRS) are based on a high-performance internal antenna specially designed for use in a buried manhole (an external antenna can be used if GSM signal reception is difficult).


Designed according to an industrial process and manufactured to the most demanding quality standards, the LS/LT data loggers are covered by a 3-year warranty.

A complete range

The SOFREL LS/LT range includes:

LS data loggers for the remote reading of district meters and for leak detection on drinking water distribution networks:

  • SOFREL LS42 (4 DI + 2 optional AI),
  • SOFREL LS42EA (4 DI + 2 optional AI + remote antenna)
  • SOFREL LS10 (1 DI for a single meter).

LT data loggers  for detecting overflows, monitoring discharge and self-monitoring sewer overflows on waste water and rainwater networks:

  • SOFREL LT42 (4 DI + 2 optional AI),
  • SOFREL LT42EA (4 DI + 2 optional AI + remote antenna).

Data loggers LT-US for flow measurement for waste water networks:

  • SOFREL LT-US (Ultrasonic transducer + 4 DI + 2 optional AI),
  • SOFREL LT-US EA (Ultrasonic transducer + 4 DI + 2 optional AI + remote antenna).


Reliability of transmissions

Although GSM coverage is broadly speaking quite adequate above ground, reception level can easily drop by 30 dB in underground installations such as sewer overflows or metering enclosures.

LACROIX Sofrel has thus relied on its expertise in electronics and telecoms and hasinvested a great deal in developing a very high-performance antenna.

SOFREL LS/LT data loggers transmit their historical values and balances/reports every day to 1 or 2 PCWin SCADA Central Stations, a supervisory control software system, an OPC server or an LS web server. The network contract operator can then extract recorded data and draw up its operating reports.

On a change of state in a digital input (DI, level thresholds exceeded, sensor fault), the data logger can issue an alarm to a mobile telephone.

Easy to install and use

image013LACROIX Sofrel has endeavoured to offer products that are very easy to implement and use:

  • Local maintenance is activated by an activation key. When activated,a visual diagnosis with LEDs of different colours let you control start-up/shutdown, the presence of the SIM card, the connection to the GSM network and reception level.
  • The highly practicalBluetooth link enables the technician to work on the configuration, including outside the manhole. He can perform GSM communication tests (search the GSM operator offering the best coverage, test the positioning of the LS in the manhole, etc.). Data can also be processed on site via a Bluetooth link.

PCWin2 : SOFREL SCADA Central Station

The SOFREL PCWin2 SCADA Central Station is the optimal solution for operating SOFREL networks. The functions and tools offered by the software have been developed with the constant aim of offering a simple and efficient solution to the needs of operators.


Offering various communication media (GSM, GPRS, PSTN, Radio, Ethernet, Internet, etc.), PCWin2 enables operators to remain in contact with their installations and to permanently monitor their network. The centralised data enable permanent operational monitoring of installations, provide a better understanding of the network, and allow its operation to be optimised.

PCWin2 features a comprehensive range of functions, including:

  • Centralized alarm reporting via SMS/e-mail
  • Automatic calculations (average flows, balances, formulas, etc.)
  • Curve plotting, graphical mimic diagrams
  • Operating reports in Excel format
  • Viewing in a web browser
  • Self-configuration based on the parameters of the devices

PCWin2, at the heart of the Sofrel telemetry and SCADA network, is compatible with the entire range (S500 – LS/LT – Cellbox – Telbox – S50).