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Established in Germany, the HT Company has developed, produced and sold hydrometric precision measuring instruments for ground and surface waters since 1979. Our products are in reliable operation every day under all environmental and weather conditions throughout the world. Convince yourself also of our well-known quality regarding workmanship, data security and simplicity in their applications.


For measuring and recording of water level and water temperature in wells, groundwater observation sites and surface water

This Data logger has proved over many years that reliable monitoring of ground water wells can also be cost-effective even the most adverse conditions such as heat, high humidity or extreme cold could not influence the sovereign working of the Data logger type 575. Preferred areas of operation are ground- water wells, groundwater observation sites, surface water such as lakes or rivers and tanks. During pumping tests, long-term observations or even operations in measuring fields, this Data- logger performed its service as a matter of priority.

download (2)GPRS DATALOGGER TYPE 255

Automatic recording of groundwater data and transmission to an Internet server

Using the GPRS Data logger type 255 will quickly amortize your investment for monitoring a groundwater or surface water site. The instrument sends automatically the recorded values like water level or water quality, additional alarm settings will inform you immediately if critical limits are reached via SMS, email, Telefax or as a PC-message.   Several instruments can send the data at the same time to an Internet server. By using the GPRS- technology, set standby- times are no longer necessary or busy telephone lines won’t happen.   All what you need to start is an Internet access. By using the software DT-Manager you will be able to view your groundwater data at any place at any time very comfortable.